5. Conclusion

Practical Applications 5.1

Roamer-robots that capture footage can use lever switches to make them obstacle-avoiding. They are cost effective and more affordable. They are also extremely sensitive. Companies who manufacture roamers can use this so that they can sell the roamers cheaper, allowing the not-so-rich to be able to afford them too. By creating this useful but simple robotic car, I wish to be able to inspire and encourage potential engineering enthusiasts to get to work and start building. As proven in this project, it actually isn't so hard to create a robot.

Areas for Further Study 5.2

The areas for further study are Arduino, a popular open-source electronic prototyping platform which can allow me to build more intricate and interactive robots. More areas of further study is how to design and build more complicated circuits to do more complicated tasks. I also want to learn more about the different types of objects I can use in a circuit, such as special switches etc.

Recommendations 5.3

I recommend others to try out different similar-looking robotic cars as well. My recommendations are all the alternate designs in the introduction page. Do check them out. The links are there too.

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