4. Discussion

4.1 Analysis of results

1. Upon completing my robotic car, I realised that it did not have enough power from just 4 AA batteries. 
I immediately got a 6 AA battery pack and two more AA batteries to power it up. 
After my troubleshooting, the car was able to work perfectly, being fast and consistent in the performance.
(i) It was able to evade corners.
(ii) It was able to avoid being trapped due to obstacles.
(iii) It was very reactive to obstacles and the turning is instantaneous.

2. Afterwards, I let it roam around for a while and it did not get stuck in any way. 
From the video recording shown, the robot is able to avoid obstacles, even when there are a few consecutive obstacles obstructing the robotic car.

3. When I powered the car on, the wheels were spinning in different directions. I then reversed the jumper wires of the wheel spinning in the wrong direction in the breadboard.

4.2 Key Findings

1a. It sometimes has trouble when running directly straight towards walls.

2a. I realised that a breadboard is more convenient than a soldered circuit board as it makes space for human errors and experimentation.

3a. I found that the robotic car needed a higher voltage than I thought.

4.3 Explanation of Key Findings

1b. The ice cream sticks attached to the lever switches are not facing the front so the ice cream sticks aren't able to be compressed upon contacting the wall straight forward.

2b. A breadboard is solderless, allowing jumper wires to be able to be taken out and switched around when there is an error, unlike the a soldered circuit board which the jumper wire is unremovable as it is soldered to the board.

3b. 4 AA batteries weren't enough to power the car up.

4.4 Evaluation of Engineering Goals

My engineering goals are met. I encountered many difficulties, but all of which I was able to solve. In the results section, you can see how my robot works perfectly. All the engineering goals are met, and it is working. It is able to avoid obstacles and both the lever switches are extremely sensitive.

4.5 Areas for Improvement

I think my areas for improvement is that I can make the car even better by placing the lever switches towards the center more so that the objects at the side that would not obstruct the car will not be "avoided" and make the car chage direction unnecessarily.

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