1. Introduction

1. Introduction

My project is to develop a simple obstacle-avoiding robotic car which only requires switches, batteries, motors, jumper wires, resistors, and a breadboard. 
It requires no programming no all, only arranging of jumper wires. I have created a obstacle-avoiding car and I wish to spread how easy it is to make obstacle-avoiding a trait in a robot. 
I also hope to encourage budding engineers that building things isn’t all that hard.

1.1 Problem being addressed

Robots get stuck when moving around. 
When it gets stuck, the controller has to manually set it in another direction. 
My robotic car’s obstacle-avoiding trait is good for roamers capturing footage. 
These roamers would be cheaper to build and it would also be lighter and easier to build.

1.2 Engineering Goals

I hope to encourage budding engineers, showing that building simple robots is easy and does not need as much money as they  think. 
I hope to show others how lever switches are very effective and how no programming is needed in it in order to avoiding obstacles.
I also hope that others incorporate this obstacle avoiding method into their robots and robotic cars so as to ensure they don’t get stuck.

1.3 Specific Requirements

The car must be able to avoid obstacles.

1.4 Alternative Solutions

1.4.1 Design 1

Developing a Motion-Activated Guard Robotic Car. 
There is a motion-detecting sensor at the front of the robotic car. 
When it detects motion, it would start to move forward.

1.4.2 Design 2

Developing a Line-Following Robotic Car. 
It uses by using sensors which have two parts each: a infrared light emitter, and a infrared light detector.

1.4.3 Design 3

Developing a Light-Tracking Robotic Car. 
It uses MOSFETs, Potentiometers, and Photoresistors.

1.4.4 Best solution and rationale

The best solution is the one I chosen to do in this project. It is the simple obstacle-avoiding robotic car. 
I chose this project because of how easy and cheap it is to build. 
One of my goals is to show how easy and not so expensive it is to build a robot.

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